Don't Let Tree Stumps Stand in Your Way

Call on us for commercial stump grinding services in Marshall, Portage, Big Rapids, Battle Creek, MI or Marion, IN

If your golf course has a tree stump problem, look to Mr. Stumpgrinder for help. We provide commercial stump grinding services in Marshall, Portage and Big Rapids, Battle Creek, MI, as well as Marion, IN. You can rest assured that we'll come prepared for the job.

Our company works with:

  • Stump grinders - to make your tree stumps disappear
  • Safety gear - to protect our employees from flying debris
  • Woodchippers - to process stumps into valuable mulch
  • Trucks and trailers - to safely transport equipment and tree waste

We'll help restore your golf course's elegance and accessibility. Call us now to schedule commercial stump grinding services.

Choose us for your stump removal needs

Tree stumps can cause all sorts of issues for your company. If you need municipal or commercial stump removal services, consider Mr. Stumpgrinder for the job. Our team has over 20 years of experience working with government agencies and business owners of all backgrounds. You can count on us to safely eliminate any tree stumps that are hindering development and threatening community members.

Contact us today to arrange for municipal or commercial stump removal services.