Family Owned and Locally Operated

The beginning of my second season in the business, my youngest son, Trevor  who is an ordained minister was called to pastor a small rural church in northern Indiana. The church board let him know upfront know up front that this was a part-time position and that he would have to have a second job to support his family. With one season under my belt I was convinced that Stump grinding would offer him the best opportunity to work a part-time job to help support his family without taking too much time away from his ministry duties.

He agreed so I invested a second machine. It was a used Vermeer SC372 37 hp diesel machine. The first season he supplemented his income by about $8000 working very part-time. His two older brothers saw this as an opportunity for them as well, So I bought a third machine for my oldest son Tyler  who teaches High School in northern Michigan. This third machine was a new Bandit SG40 38 hp gas.  powered track machine. My middle son Spencer  and I live close enough that he uses my machine on weekends. After one season the 3 of them earned $40K working just a few hours each week. So this year we’ve made it official and formed a family business; O’Dell Odysseys LLC.

​Our new business has allowed us to expand into more areas. We grind stumps in Jackson, Hillsdale, Branch, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, Eaton, Ingham and Mecosta counties in Michigan as well as Grant, Wells, and Allen County in Indiana. My boys and I have always been close but working together with them in business has been better than I even imagined. Our Mr. Stumpgrinder business venture has allowed them to significantly supplement their incomes without taking too much time away from their growing families. It has also helped supplement my income and the plan is for it to eventually provide a portion of my retirement. In the meantime we continue to look for ways to build the business and dream of starting other businesses together.